February All Ages Sale is now underway at Rising Star Ranch!

February All Ages Sale is now underway at Rising Star Ranch! We currently have just over 30 head for you to “Horse Shop”. We have weanlings, yearlings, bred mares, open mares, a few riding horses and a few surprises. As always, we have a little bit of everything in our All Ages Sale.
A couple of new features we want you to be aware of in our auctions.
First, we have lot #00 which is a “Test Bid Mare”, this is a fictional mare in which you can register to bid or login if you are already registered and place a bid to make sure everything on your end is working properly when you decide to bid on an actual horse.
Second, we have incorporated the use of “Proxy Bidding”. Proxy Bidding is when you place a bid for the maximum amount you decide to go up to on that entry. If you are outbid the system will automatically keep you bid in at only the next bid interval amount until that bid goes over your maximum bid that you posted.
Third, bid changes should be able to be seen now in real time without having to refresh the page. We have had a problem in the past where bidders had the high bid and were outbid and did not review the email sent by the system that they were outbid and only relied upon what was seen on the screen. In the past if you did not refresh your page you may never see the bid change and would be under the false impression you still had the high bid. This change should remedy that.
This being an On-Line Auction, most of the entries are not physically at Rising Star Ranch and will only be here if they are sold and arrangements made to be picked up by new owner. If you are unable to pick up your purchase when it arrives at Rising Star Ranch it can be boarded at Rising Star’s daily board rate until it is convenient for you to pick up.
We have been successful with these types of sales to make the process easy on the seller as well as the buyer. If you see an entry you would like more information on or have any questions at all, feel free to email me at dwilliams32563@hotmail.com or you can click the message tab on each entry’s page.
Auctions begin to close on Saturday February 13th starting at noon. Thanks again for your participation in our auction.
Click the link and head to the sale!
David W. Williams
Rising Star Ranch

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