Farewell to WhataHorse TV and well wish’s!


As of today May 1st, I will no longer be a co-host of Whatahorse TV.

Back in August of 2020, I was asked to join as a co-host of Whatahorse. I was humbled and grateful for the opportunity,  Jerry Harris, Jimmy Fuller, Jon Gray, and C.J. Henry have always been gracious and helpful, and I truly believe they have a commitment to make the TWH experience better. I thank them all. I hope I made a contribution. I wish them well.

On May 1st I sold the webcast This Week with America’s Showhorse and the retail store Mypony.store to TROTNOT LLC, a California and Tennessee based real estate and equine investment group. With that, and the huge success of the re-design of WalkingHorseChat.com to the new Walkinghorse.video, there is so much more to do. Opportunity to expand what I started 23 years ago has been a huge blessing. What Dean Johnson crafted in 1997 to bring the Tennessee Walking Horse to the World Wide Web via Horse-Review.com was way before its time. WalkingHorseChat was the format for Facebook…before Facebook, but I was too channeled on walking horse people to know others might like to banter back and forth aswell. Dean brought TWH shows streaming to the net before the Super Bowl was streamed. That’s just the facts. 

 Blessed with the sale of the webcast and the online store to TROTNOT LLC, and their resources, and with the encouragement of our new corporate sponsors, WalkingHorse.video owes it to it’s members to expand to podcast, expanded live streaming, and TV, like RFD, and Public TV, Roku, and other more venues with widespread availability. The TWH business needs more than the restriction of news and information, solely based on who buys advertising for horses that win or though they should have won.  We have had decades of that nightmare already, and often our crowd attendance has suffered. We can do better. There are 30,000 seats in The Celebration arena, and they are empty now because too often fans are dictated who their “Fan Favorite” is with a simple payment of an advertising bill. As a new sponsor put it “let the actual reaction of the fans decide.”

Again, my gratitude and well wish’s are always with Whatahorse TV, the staff of Peahead Productions, Jerry Harris, Jon Gray, Jimmy Fuller and their talented crew and we look forward to working with them in the future.


Tommy Williams



‘This Week with America’s Show Horse”

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